Back-to-School Workshop: Preparing Your Child For A Successful New School Year

Interactive discussion will include the following:

  • Talking and listening to your child.
  • Establishing a school routine.
  • Nurturing an independent and responsible child.
  • Teaching your child how to be safe.
  • Talking to teachers and the school about your child.
  • Talking to teachers and participating in school activities.

Bank of America is a proud sponsor of this event and will be providing one backpack to each of the first families who register AND attend. Supplies are limited so be sure to register early.

About Lisa Shek

Ms. Shek earned her Master in Education from Stanford University in Curriculum and Teacher Education. She has been a professional educator in the San Francisco school community for over 30 years. She has been a school principal for 10 years. Retired several years ago, Lisa now does a regular program in a Bay Area Chinese radio station on family and schools.

How to Register

Please call 415-421-2111 to register by phone.