Keep Chinatown Clean


Stockton Street Sweep

This project originally provided weekly sweeping and power washing the sidewalks on the Stockton Street Corridor for 25 weeks on Friday evenings from July 26, 2013 to January 24, 2014. Additionally, this project provided part-time jobs for local residents, which opened the doors to other employment opportunities. Since then, Stockton Street Sweep has evolved into the KEEP CHINATOWN CLEAN project, which incorporates and promotes civic engagement with a greater number of Chinatown merchants.



Chinese Newcomers Service Center (CNSC) is proud to announce the extension of KEEP CHINATOWN CLEAN, funded and supported by Mayor Ed Lee, Supervisor Julie Christensen, Board of Supervisors, and the City and County of San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), and the Department of Public Works (DPW), through July 2016.


The KEEP CHINATOWN CLEAN program provides jobs and job training for unemployed/underemployed local residents while cleaning the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown district. Over 86 local residents showed up for 14 temporary street sweeper positions on August 7, 2014. CNSC hired 16 temporary workers, including 4 supervisors for the team. Chinese Newcomers Service Center will work with interested merchants to find ways to improve their business and get ready for the opening of the Central Subway, when more tourists and shoppers will be visiting Chinatown


Chinese Newcomers Service Center will provide sweeping Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30 to 7:00 pm from August 11, 2015 through June 28, 2016 (except October 23, 2015, November 27, 2015, December 25, 2015, and January 1, 2016). The streets that will be swept include:

  • Stockton Street (between the Stockton Street Tunnel and Broadway)
  • Washington Street (between Stockton Street and Grant Avenue)
  • Jackson Street (between Powell and Stockton Street)
  • Clay Street (between Stockton and Grant Avenue)
  • Pacific Avenue (between Powell and Stockton Streets)
  • Grant Avenue (between California and Broadway)
  • Walter U. Lum Place (Alleyway)
  • Waverly Place (Alleyway)
  • Wentworth Place (Alleyway)
  • Hang Ah Street (Alleyway)
  • Ross Alley (Alleyway)
  • Spofford Street (Alleyway)


Additionally, Chinese Newcomers Service Center’s KEEP CHINATOWN CLEAN program will:

  • Teach merchants how to use the 311 application to report violations and safety concerns. Many merchants have complained that people are illegally dumping on the streets of Chinatown and DPW’s 311 application will help track these violations.
  • Help merchants ensure compliance with the City Code to avoid penalties (e.g., $1,000 for illegal dumping).
  • Work with 20 merchants and the Small Business Development Center to identify solutions for merchants to improve their business appearance and marketing, in anticipation of the increase business with the opening of the Central Subway.
  • Provide trashcans to 200 merchants to aid in keeping their store fronts clean. Since the public and merchants have complained that there are insufficient public trash cans. This KEEP CHINATOWN CLEAN program will provide FREE trashcans for the merchants to use in their storefront. Currently, stores selling food are required to provide trashcans for their customers. The public will get the message that keeping Chinatown clean is a priority, supported by all Chinatown merchants, and everyone has the responsibility to help keep our community clean.